What to Expect


First visit

When you arrive, a staff member will check you in, document your insurance information (if you choose to use it), and complete a couple of standard documents such as the HIPAA privacy and consent to care forms.

Then we will establish your baseline through outcome assessments, a discussion about your current injury or complaint, and finally establish your medical history.

After a thorough history taking, we will perform an exam to help us understand the nature of your injury or dysfunction. If it’s appropriate to proceed with care, we will fully explain the treatment to prevent any uncertainty or confusion then you will receive your first treatment.

After your first treatment, we will take payment for the visit as well as schedule your follow up. In total, your first visit at Northcenter Healthcare will take about 45 minutes.

Between your first visit and follow up visit, we will look over your exam results and medical history to determine an appropriate course of care based on the severity and nature of your condition.

Follow up

On the second visit, we will check you in at the front desk then review the official findings from your first visit, talk about your course of care, and review your insurance benefits if clarification is needed.

From there, we will move into your second treatment, which will most likely include some form of soft tissue work, adjustment, and if you are ready, some therapeutic exercises to practice at home.

Your follow up visit at Northcenter Healthcare will take about 30 minutes.

Regular visit for care

For all following visits, you will check in at the front desk, and we will continue with your customized care plan. A typical visit will be about 15 to 30 minutes.