Functional Rehabilitation

Sports Injuries

When Patients get injured during athletic activities (running, climbing, martial arts, weight lifting, cycling etc..) often times there are underlying compensations and less than perfect motor patterns involved. At Northcenter Healthcare we utilize functional rehabilitation in the form of DNS (dynamic neuromuscular rehabilitation) to help assess and restore proper motor control to help heal from and prevent injuries.

Prenatal/Postpartum exercise

Pregnancy and giving birth are both beautiful, and natural phases in a woman’s life if she chooses to have children. With that said physically preparing for these times in ones life can be extremely beneficial and help to reduce complications during and post pregnancy.

It is particularly important to rehabilitate postpartum considering giving birth can be extremely taxing and on occasion during the process we can see things like diastasis recti, uterine prolapse and many other complications occur. We can help to retrain your body to recover from those conditions and more. We can also help to ensure that you do not form compensations after giving birth when transitioning back from moving around with a pregnant belly.